Sofia Kikilintzia was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. After finishing her studies in Business Administration, she followed her passion for acting. She started acting in small theatre groups and attending workshops to obtain different acting tools and techniques. After setting a strong base, she moved to Athens to attend a 3-year professional training. During her studies, she continued taking part in workshops, mainly focused on physical theatre, as well as dance and singing lessons. After finishing her studies, she started working professionally in theatre and cinema in Greece and abroad.
It was the exact moment when she realized that she wanted to share all that knowledge that she had gained and pass it to others. She started teaching in acting schools in Athens, mostly to amateurs and beginners in acting. Her technique includes different tools from different areas, focused on the speech and body, like physical theatre, dance, music, and martial arts. All of them have the same goal, to express ourselves without being afraid of what other people may think of us. 

Now, she is living and working as an actress and acting teacher in Paris. She is able to act in Greek, English, and French.